Project EVIE - Electric Vehicle International Expedition around the world. zero emissions.

the team

Jon Azrielant
Executive Director

Jon was born in New York and raised in Tel Aviv. He trained as a Judo player in Japan, lived in Serbia during the Kosovo conflict and has always had a flair for the exotic, dangerous and beautiful. At the University of Chicago he studied Philosophy and Economics, focusing on contemporary ethics. Jon has long dreamed of marrying his desire to explore the world with his commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come and looks forward with great excitement to fulfilling this dream with Project EVIE.

jon at project-evie dot org

Jeff Bladt
Expedition Leader

Jeff was raised in Michigan, educated in Chicago, lived in Kazakhstan, and now calls Brooklyn home. He focused on sustainable development while obtaining his Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago, paying particular interest to environmental economics. An enthusiast for off-the-beaten-path adventures, he has hiked glaciers in Kyrgyzstan, sampled West Bank nightlife, sailed the Nile, and backpacked through Eastern Europe. He also really likes sandwiches.

jeff at project-evie dot org

Silvia Beltrametti
Team Spirit Director

Silvia graduated from Law School at the University of Chicago and works as an attorney in New York City. She is a true cosmopolitan, was born in Milan, has lived in London and Berlin and explored most of the Middle East while studying Arabic for her legal research. Silvia rode horseback across Eastern Europe, Turkey and Brazil, scuba dived in every ocean of the world and has pledged to visit every country in the world before she dies. She gets goosebumps just thinking that she will be able to do this while making the world a better place with Project EVIE.

silvia at project-evie dot org

Joe Flesh
Webmaster & Chief Nerd

Joe plays god to the pixels that you see here through tenuous wireless internet connections while exploring the highways and byways of America. Right now he's in Los Angeles for a bit, reconnecting with his birthplace and soaking up California sunshine. He came of age in Boston, Jerusalem and Chicago. Joe believes in little things: the perfect pint, a blissful song, and hearty breakfast come to mind. He hopes that electric vehicles will allow future generations to experience the allure of the open road.

webmaster at project-evie dot org

Andrea Fjeld
Social Media Queen

If you see a girl reading alone at a grimy Brooklyn bar, it’s likely Andrea. Born in Durham, North Carolina, she earned her degree in English at the University of Chicago and was editor of the school's arts and culture weekly. While studying in Vienna she traveled through the Balkan nations where she hitchhiked, was strip-searched, and had a knife pulled on her (but still had a great time). Eastern Europe remains her favorite part of the world. She now lives in New York, working as social media editor at an advertising agency.

andrea at project-evie dot org

Matt Vance
King of the Blog

Born in America, Matthew was raised in England, spent high school in New Jersey, and college at the University of Chicago studying Humanities. It was at Chicago that he met friend and colleague Jon Azrielant. Before turning to Project EVIE, Matthew worked in journalism and publishing. Heading up Project EVIE's blog, he is ecstatic to be applying his somewhat antiquated education to something current, practical, and pressing.

matt at project-evie dot org