Project EVIE - Electric Vehicle International Expedition around the world. zero emissions.

why should you sponsor project evie?

First and foremost, Project EVIE can offer an amazing return on your investment. As a small and targeted organization, our overhead is surprisingly low given the extent of our reach, which allows us to offer a great deal of positive impact for your dollar. More importantly, sponsoring Project EVIE will allow you to make a deposit in the equity of your brand beyond the life cycle of any particular campaign — not just through grassroots engagement, but through a tangible investment in corporate responsibility and a sustainable future for all inhabitants of this planet. In short, it is the right thing to do.

In addition to helping make the world a better place and curbing carbon consumption, Project EVIE can offer a great deal of positive borrowed landscape to your brand for a much, much smaller investment than the cost of traditional advertising. We are a green grassroots organization composed of young, proactive passionate believers. We are adventurous, daring and perennially cool. And, we are deeply entrenched in the world of social media. We will be embarking on the quintessential right-of-passage: the lure of the open-road and of destinations not yet realized; the exuberance and wanderlust of the heart melded with environmental awareness. Your association with Project EVIE can have a profoundly positive effect on your brand image — when our message reaches the ears of our audience, it will be together with your name.

the kinds of exposure we can offer

National and International Media Appearances
Project EVIE will be making as many relevant media appearances as possible as we crisscross the globe with our message of sustainable emissions free transportation. Similar expeditions in recent years have successfully reached audiences of tens of millions of viewers without engaging in environmental activism. Given our unique combination of adventure and ecological appeal, we expect equal or greater exposure from such channels.

Print Project EVIE has secured write-ups in several major print publications including environmental, travel and editorial coverage. Our PR staff will continue to engage with the press in the US and internationally for the duration of the expedition and after its completion.

Television Several US, European and Middle Eastern television stations have expressed interest in covering Project EVIE, and the response and interest we are getting is continuing to grow as we reach out to additional networks.

Out Of Home
The team’s vehicle will be driving in and around major world cities, making stops at landmarks around the globe: sponsor’s logos and products can be part of this street-level, highly visible, moving landscape that is sure to turns heads at every destination.

Sponsors will have will have their logos featured on our website sponsors page and our landing page, depending on the level of contribution. The prominence of your logo is subject to negotiation.

Daily Blog
Project EVIE maintains an exciting and engaging blog that will continue to be updated daily for the course of the expedition. Blog posts will feature photos from the road and stories of our recent adventures. As a natural consequence of our travels, sponsors who make donations in kind can expect their products and services to appear in our content in all of its forms. Our blog already enjoys a large following, and we have yet to formally launch our media campaign.

Weekly Videos
Project EVIE will produce weekly videos that highlight the adventures of the team, as well as advocating for sustainable travel solutions, all while exploring some of the most intriguing locals around the world. At the beginning of each video clip we will place a "brought to you by" logo showing the sponsors of the expedition. Videos will be featured on the website, as well as on our dedicated YouTube channel.

Project EVIE will be live tweeting our adventures several times each day with our rapidly growing Twitter following, offering sponsors the opportunity to have use of their products and services (with links) broadcast to large and involved audiences. Post will link to real time photographs and short videos, continuously engaging our audience.

Social Media
Project EVIE has a fully integrated and widely popular social media presence, interacting directly with our audience via Twitter and Facebook, keeping the conversation alive through direct replies, as well as facilitating discussion via our message boards and Facebook wall. Our Social Media Editor will continue to maintain our prominence across the social media space throughout all major outlets.

Speaking Tour
Following the successful completion of the around the world expedition, Project EVIE will embark on a speaking tour of North America, reaching out to schools and media outlets and promoting the use of zero emissions vehicles, as well as raising awareness about sustainable travel alternatives. Sponsors can expect to have their products depicted in photos shown to captivated audiences, as well as on corresponding banners and handout materials when appropriate.

Project EVIE will attend festivals, conferences and other events as we traverse the globe, meeting our audience and sharing our experiences first hand. We are available to be scheduled for specific events and promotions as needed.

Project EVIE is in initial discussions with filmmakers about compiling the massive volume of video and media content that will be generated from the expedition into a documentary film chronicling the trip from start to finish. As with all other content produced by Project EVIE, sponsors and their offerings will be featured in any documentary we produce.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us.