Project EVIE - Electric Vehicle International Expedition around the world. zero emissions.

our mission

In June 2010, Project EVIE will lead the first expedition to drive around the world in a production electric vehicle, starting in New Zealand and ending in New York: real drivers in a real car, under real-world conditions. No gimmicks. No emissions. In brief, a proof of concept for EVs — if we can blaze around the world, brave the autobahn, climb mountains, cross deserts and trek off-road, then anyone can easily drive to work, breeze through a family vacation, or do anything else you would do with a car — without destroying the planet.

With the development of electric vehicle technologies and the pressing economic, geopolitical and environmental need to find alternatives to fossil fuel consumption, one deciding factor stands in the way of a sustainable future — public opinion. While many Americans would consider buying an electric vehicle in principle, few do so in practice. The most common reason cited for shying away from EVs? Range anxiety. By proving just how easy it is to travel long distances with an EV, and with your help, we are confident we can push public opinion past the tipping point of adoption.

We know that change will not happen without demand. We also believe we can help generate that demand. Please join us.